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Production Begins - One Step at a Time

Updated: Apr 8

Just over a month ago, I began the exhilarating, somewhat scary, and often utterly overwhelming process of creating my third feature film! Though many things have fallen into place almost effortlessly (clearly the Hand of God in action), we've already had our fair share of mishaps.

Remember how I shared about our crazy actress switch? Well, God must have a sense of humor because we did it again. Due to a scheduling conflict, Emma is now played by Elliana Mckean, while the character of Aspen is yet again taken on by Faith Endebrock. Both girls are incredible in their roles, and we can't wait to see how God uses them!

After sorting out our main characters, we fully transitioned into production, which is arguably my favorite part of the process! Though I do love editing!

Our first scene took place at a pizzeria with multiple actors and a room full of extras. It definitely wasn't the easiest scene to film and ended up taking two hours longer than expected, getting us home just before midnight. With filmmaking, there are so many variables that it's almost impossible to determine how long a scene will take to shoot. You learn early on to roll with the punches!

We've already been stretched by this project in many ways. We've had to re-film scenes, switch actors and locations last minute, and tweak the script on the fly to accommodate unforeseen circumstances. No day is ever the same!

By the end of this month, we will have filmed a total of eight scenes. From here on out, we'll have to increase that number to over twenty per month to stay on schedule! This is truly daunting, but we are confident that we can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens us! If it's His will, we consider it done!

Finally, I'd like to share one of the incredible ways God answered our prayers this past week. Heather Bishaw and her daughter Mirabelle, who is playing the part of young Evelyn, reached out to us. They have offered to take on the enormous task of finding costumes for our 50s characters! My mom and I both felt the weight of the world drop off our shoulders as neither of us had any idea how we would find the time to accomplish this task with everything else going on. It was one of those 'but God' moments, and we are indescribably grateful!

Please pray:

  • For each and every shoot to go smoothly.

  • That the lighting, sound, cinematography, acting, etc., will be the best it can be!

  • For every detail to be taken care of and no prop, costume, or piece of equipment left behind.

  • For us to find actors to play Mary and Roy in the next three weeks.

  • For locations to be found quickly and be available on the scheduled times/days.

  • For every member of the cast and crew to have strength, stamina, and focus.

  • That we'd be able to stay on schedule and avoid re-shoots.

  • For the weather to be right for each shoot.

  • For protection against spiritual warfare.

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